The authors rideMy Valkyrie is over 8 feet long…not small…a thousand pounds of man and machine…shiny chrome…and there are over 200 watts worth of driving lights on the front of this machine…

And still they pull out in front of me.


Multiple times daily.

Not even a long way in front…I mean…I’m right there! Often screaming something like, “EVASIVE STARBOARD!”

You’d think I’d have gotten used to it over the last 30 years…but it’s getting worse…and now they are getting very creative in new ways to attempt the “I didn’t see him” maneuver.

200 watts of lighting…

What do I have to mount up there so drivers will get their head out of their ass (or out of their text message) and NOT kill me?

A terawatt laser? An M-134? The severed heads of my vanquished enemies?

Y’all be safe.

I’ll see you on the road. Will you see me?

Daniel Meyer

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  1. Wyrmlaf says:

    I’ve vote for “Severed heads of vanquished enemies”.

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