Seize the night…

Come with me and seize the night
Now’s the time for some inspiration
Leave the day and lose the light
No taboos only new sensations…

Pushing hard…more or less westbound through the cool dark hills of southeastern Oklahoma…bound for home. Sort of. What was supposed to be a 2-hour direct run between cities had taken me through parts of three states and at least three tanks of fuel. So far. At a guess I was another 3 hours from home…time does funny things…on a motorcycle…in the magical summer night.

In the shadows of the city
They’re dying for a thrill
They’re going out over the edge
They’re moving in for the kill.

Apparently the direct route was broken. I couldn’t find the desire to reach the city that was my cursory destination. Spirits were calling, and I had to answer. It was that kind of night.

With the practiced ease of long familiarity with my machine I aggressively carved through the woods. I was counting on the 200 watts of blazing lights illuminating the next corner in time to properly set up for it…and on the machine’s perfect response to my inputs, subtle or…less so.

Right to the edge.

Bless the night, before it has the chance to pass
Seize the night, you do what it takes to make it last…

Hyper-alert, tuned to every nuance of man and machine…blood, muscle, and steel, I caught in the periphery of my awareness a subtle, dull orange glow reflecting off the pavement as I set up for, decelerated hard, and entered each new corner.

The rotors. Only for a moment…at maximum braking…but they were glowing. The brake rotors were glowing!

Less speed…or less brakes…should be the order here. One I was unwilling…the other I was unable…at least if I wanted to survive.

I slammed the throttle to its stop exiting the corner and shifted my weight in preparation for the next one, already looming large at the edge of my bubble of light.

“You okay babe?” I managed before braking hard and dragging heels and pegs through the corner.
Accelerating out she answered, “Oh yeah boss. I’m good.”
“Brakes gonna hold out?” I could see the sparks we were throwing off the dragging pegs as we pushed through the next one. Pushing this hard…everything had to work perfectly or we’d be a tumbling mass of smashed metal and torn flesh.
“Please boss. This is what I was MADE for!”

Hard to argue with that. I’m pretty sure I was too.

Let your dreams out of their cages
Every passion and desire
Let your visions be outrageous
Set your fantasies on fire.

Engaged in the run…totally immersed in piloting the big cruiser through the woods, I was startled when the sun reflected in my rear-view mirrors. Belatedly I realized it had been growing subtly lighter for some time now.

Oh. Yeah. Home. I was headed home.

A warm and willing woman was waiting there…and probably worried about me. Hmmm….and unless I missed my guess I had to be at work in just about 4 hours. Somebody’s gotta pay for all these shenanigans.

I glanced at the eastern horizon, now momentarily to my left as I rocketed out of a corner. Yeah. My woman. Then work. Should be just enough time.

“We gotta head home babe.” I eased up on the throttle.
“Okay boss.” The big Valkyrie cruiser sounded disappointed.

The next corner loomed ahead…and as it always does, my blood quickened.

Screw it.

I accelerated hard…throttle to the stop…right to the point where I had to brake hard to set up for the corner.

Weary but elated, I laughed aloud.

Home. Yeah.

“Right after the rest of these corners!”
“You got it boss!”

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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