Seeking Lost-ness?

lostDeep in the Texas night…I guided yet another lost soul along her way. Sixty miles off her track lost…and more than 100 from her destination…and still headed the wrong direction…I found her softly crying while fueling her car at the gas pumps.

It seemed to surprise her when I asked what was wrong…

Plugged a city into my GPS and hit “go”…and wrote down the directions for her…and she was happily on her way.

But the question begs…why would somebody take to the winding back-roads of east Texas on a magical summer night with NO map or directions…unless the point…the goal…the *desire*…was to actually BE lost?

I’ll see you on the road…at least…I will if you’re as lost as I am at that moment…

Daniel Meyer

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  1. cruhnke says:

    One is never lost when one is exploring life.

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