Just in case…

Just in case anybody thought my feelings on this matter were unclear…

No moments of silence for me. No touchy-feely. No closure. No forgiveness. I’m still pissed at the cowardly bastards that organized and perpetrated this sort of mass attack on civilians. I’ll have a moment of silence when we manage to eradicate those with the purely fucked world view that thinks something like this was okay.


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  1. cruhnke says:

    And now you can add those who think that the way to protest a movie that “insults” their belief system is to kill the diplomatic representative of the country where the film was ALLEGEDLY produced. I for one want to know where the Marine guards were in Cairo when protesters climbed the walls and desecrated the American flag flying there. I always thought embassy property was considered the sovereign soil of the nation represented by that embassy. Therefore an attack on embassy property was considered an invasion of that nation and could be defended as such. I think protesters standing on the wall would provide easy targets for M-16s.

    There is no question that the incident in Libya was nothing less than an attack. Why was that compound not secured by a Marine force? They were relying on Libyan security forces providing an outer guard layer and State Department security inside the walls.

    IMHO this sounds like another shining example of our Wuss-in-Chief and his policy of apologizing for America instead of standing tall and asserting OUR rights and beliefs.

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