I’m shoveling…something alright…

Bleary eyed and idly sipping my coffee…I stood there eyeballing the news. It was grim. Folks all over the country were shoveling their way out of extreme weather.

I sighed. Gonna be one of those days is it?

Following the example of those on the news I finished my coffee early so I could clear the driveway in time to leave for work.

Our extreme, shirt-sleeve riding weather was literally covering up…well…everything. I couldn’t avoid it.

Clearing the driveway of the sunshine and 55 degrees (at 9am)…I think it’s working.

I think it's working!

I think it’s working!

Seriously…why do I even have this thing?

Seriously...why do I even have this thing?

Seriously…why do I even have this thing?

And lest you think I’m being completely silly (instead of just evil), this sort of weather DOES stand a very real chance of making me late for work…or even causing me not to make it there at all!

Zoom. Zoom.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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