*la la la la la*

She slipped. The normally sure-footed Valkyrie slipped.

Just a little…and it was pouring rain…and there was runoff…and yah, I was pushing it…but not to the edge.

But she slipped.

She shouldn’t have. VERY disconcerting.

I eased up and momentarily reflected that the only reason I know where the edge actually is…is that I’ve occasionally gone over it.

“What the hell Babe!?”
You’ve not been listening boss.
“Well you’ve got my attention now!”
New skins please.
“Can’t be. I just put that front tire on there a…”

I look at the odometer. Do some math in my head. Divide by pi. Carry the two. Count to 21 on various appendages.

Well huh…

“…few hundred…”
“…uh…few thousand…”
Eh Hmmmm
“…okay…fifteen thousand…”
“…ur okay! Eighteen! Eighteen thousand miles ago.”
So. Boss?
“Yeah. Sorry Babe. New skins coming up.”

A little service on the agenda for tonight. I wonder what I’ve done with the tire irons?

Not real great for storm running...

Not real great for storm running…

I’ll see you on the road…

But ya know…hopefully not actually ON the road…

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4 Responses to *la la la la la*

  1. ArTeePee says:

    In the UK that tyre (sorry tire!) would be (rightfully) illegal! 🙂

  2. Gryphon says:

    Only if the country was the size of the ones on the UK. I don’t think I would trust it to go across Texas, let alone the trek to S.D.

  3. Wild6 says:

    Ya gotta also remember that you’re running about 10% lighter than you have in the past.
    (Less to keep you stuck to the surface.) 🙂

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