Around the equator 8 times…

Or…it could be…if it was…yanno…paved.

Oil change #40 on the Valk this morning. 200,000 miles (just a hair under). 40 oil filters. 160 quarts of oil. A couple bottles of rear end lube (only 20 changes there).

Yes, I said “rear end lube”…I use a fair amount…and DO keep it in stock.

But my very favorite stat on this machine? In 200,000 miles and 40 oil changes, with my hyper aggressive throttling habits and extreme heat riding do you know how much oil I’ve had to add between changes?

Zip. Zero. None. I don’t even check it anymore. Drain 4 quarts out, change filter, pour 4 quarts in, drive 5000 more miles.

Gotta love it when they get the engineering right.


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  1. Wyrmlaf says:

    I like the squirrel. I remember reading that post about the attack squirrel

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