An honor?

pothole3Assuming I ever do anything noteworthy other than “cubewhore”, and you for some reason feel the need to honor me after my untimely death (no doubt attacked by a hoard of rabid squirrels), please DO NOT name a road, bridge, or other public work/building after me.

I’ve no idea why we do this…

But riding along the (insert some poor schmuck’s name here) Memorial Highway…dodging the potholes (craters really) and gasping in sheer wonder at the amount (and stench) of advanced-state-decaying roadkill scattered all over the place, hoping the poorly maintained bridges hold up to my passage, and wondering when the last time they repainted the stripes…well…”honor” is not what I’m thinking about the guy/gal they named this god-forsaken place after.

It’s more along the lines of, “Who the heck did this guy piss off?”

I’ll see you on the road…

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