One too many…

One too many adventures for Little Rivet…the little Chevy runabout.

When there’s enough “stars”, cracks, circles, scratches, pits, sand-blasting haze, hazy plastic anti-shatter layer, and chips that your windshield begins to resemble a 3 dimensional star navigational chart…well it’s time for a new one.

Called Richardson Auto Glass, got a quote, a discount for “in-shop-special” if I brought it in, and it was a good number.

Said, “When can ya do it?”

“How about now?”

So…new blast shield in the little truck. It’s AMAZING how much better it is.

That shop absolutely owned it BTW. Competent, fair price, fast work (took about an hour), and “we’ll take care of it” that actually meant just that…a pleasure to do business with.

Woah! Windshields are supposed to be clear? Who knew?

Woah! Windshields are supposed to be clear? Who knew?

(tape comes off after 24 hours)

I’ll see you on the road (now even if I’m driving Little Rivet!)

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  1. cruhnke says:

    But how will you be able to aim at your targets without a pipper spot?

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