Zotted off the highway this morning on one of my routes into work in Downtown Dallas, decelerated, stopped for a light, and then in the next block section, almost died.

Well…that’s a little strong. WOULD have died, had I not been paying attention.

Three lanes, I’m in the middle. Dude in the left lane driving a “crossover” (not quite a mini-van, not quite an SUV) pulls away from the light with me.

He strays a bit into my lane. I see this immediately and start braking and drifting right (making space). Reaching for the horn button I look over at him to see if he’s looking, texting, sees me, or what.

He was looking right at me. I saw him mouth “Fuck it.” or perhaps, “Fuck him.” and jerk the wheel right, swerving hard into my lane. He crossed right through where I should have been and clear into the right lane.

Since I was already aware, I “made” plenty of room (inches at least!)…but had I been looking right, or up ahead, or pretty much anywhere else but straight at him, he’d have gotten me.

Since the DPD frowns on me leaving dead bodies all over their city (they can be SO picky about this), I backed off and stayed well clear of the “gent” until we went our separate ways.

The rest of the ride in was slow and uneventful and left a few moments for pondering.


I’ve no answer for his motivations, but I do for his knowledgeable choice of actions.

Pure and simple, sociopath. No regard for others’ lives, safety, property, etc. People are just something else to be used or abused as suits his purposes. Pretty much everything goes as long as he doesn’t get caught. Certainly he felt no compunction about wiping me off the planet. He is fortunate I don’t feel the same way.

Sadly, not a rare thing anymore. We TRAIN people to be like this. Successful businessmen, politicians, sports figures, etc often have ridden these traits to their position. So have the criminals. There is little degree of separation anymore.

I found myself wondering what the guy was…a CEO? Lawyer? Politician? Rapist?

I found myself wondering how many folks he’s hurt in one way or another…and how many more are to come…and wondered if I will bear some guilt in his future escapades because I didn’t do a 45acp extended mag dump right through the back of his driver’s seat.

I’ll see you on the road. I just hope it’s not…yanno…ON the road.

Daniel Meyer

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