A clean screen…

Cracked her view...(not in this pic though)

Cracked her view…(not in this pic though)

Caution…a little language… LOL!

Last week the Wife called. Banging down the highway and got zinged by a rock/such that took out the windshield on Da’AltimaDaSequal (note to self…get her to name that thing!). Star/crack/etc (not in this pic). Crack went its own gleefully thorough road-trip across its rather limited landscape.

Windshield is toast. Gonna need a new one.

I think she thought I’d be upset…25 years and she ain’t figured it out yet. I don’t relish additional expenses, but really, could care less about the damage.

Thing did its job. Got her where she was going and unharmed. *That’s* what I care about.

Absolutely anything else I can fix…only variable is how big a mess I have to make.

In the case of car glass…the mess I have to make is accomplished by opening my wallet. Annoying but simple.

So…’Da Altima (the sequel), needs a windshield. I emailed my insurance guy to see if it was covered and what I needed to tell the glass shop.

“If it’s over $500 you’ll just need to give them your policy number.”

Now, I’ve not needed glass on a covered vehicle in decades…but that sounded off to me. What happened to glass coverage?

Now…no worries either way…windshields are not terribly expensive, but I DO want to make sure I’m getting what I pay for out here…which is disturbingly difficult nowadays…

So, anyway, I gave the insurance guy a call to clarify.

“So, I *don’t* have glass coverage other than comprehensive?”

“Correct. If you have a repairable star or crack we’ll waive the deductible for that, but otherwise it’s covered under your comprehensive and $500 deductible.”

“Mmm. Okay. Didn’t there used to be glass coverage?”

“Yes, but this company stopped carrying that in Texas a few years back. It’s covered under comprehensive. You declined the third-party policy that could replace that coverage that has a $50 deductible.”

“Oh. Okay. How much is that coverage?”

“$100/yr per vehicle.”

“$100 a year! That’s fucking crazy! Windshields are usually only a couple hundred at most!”

“Yeah, I have a note in your file from when you declined it…you said, and I quote, ‘Y’all are fucking crazy, you know that right?’ ”

I almost had to hang up I was laughing so hard…that sounds exactly like me, and yep, would still decline it. That’s a terrible deal!

It also sounds like my “records” out and about in business and government land are finally starting to “get” me.

Called the glass shop and set up an appointment. ‘Da Altima’s new view…$239.95.

We’ll see you on the road!

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