I posted this picture a year ago.

On the left…60″ jeans. (!)
On the right…44″ jeans (and a shirt that’s three sizes too big).

I am...diminished.

I am…diminished.

I’m only 18 pounds down from that (right picture) today. At least I haven’t gained any…and I am at my college weight.

I need to get back on it…I’ve a long way to go…so long in fact…that I’ll never reach the goal others have declared is where I have to be.

It can be discouraging.

This is…hands down…the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

A couple years ago I could not put this belt around me. Now I’ve had to punch about 15″ (1″ spacing) of holes in it to wear it.

I couldn't wear this a couple years ago.

I couldn’t wear this a couple years ago.

The “tail” now reaches all the way around to the center of my back. I am…somewhat stubbornly…refusing to cut off the extra…just as a marker to see where I’ve been.

Folks ask me what I’m doing…what plan? What diet? What drugs? What surgery?…and it’s none of that.

The easy, short answer is:
1) Never eat anything I like.
2) Be hungry ALL the time.
3) Work my ass off.

“That doesn’t sound healthy.” some will say. And they are correct.

There is NO healthy way to lose weight, particularly if you need to lose more than 10% of your highest body weight (I’ve lost 30%). Your hope is that the benefits outweigh (heh) the penalties.

Your body does not want to lose weight. It will fight you at every turn.

But as I said…that’s the simple answer…and the least of the problems.

The more complex answer is that for those prone to easy weight gain (yep, there are genetic and other factors), it’s not so much about the diet…as it is about the unrelenting, complete, and utter concentration…to the exclusion of all else…on the process and the goal. All day. Every day. No matter what else demands your attention.

Those of us that tend to really “get into” our tasks, whether those are work, family, hobbies, education, etc…have to change our focus away from those things. A moment’s distraction and you’ve undone yourself.

…and those other things in your life are jealous taskmasters. Work, family, friends, your health, life’s goals…well…they are not so forgiving of your shift of attention.

THAT…is what makes it so difficult.

I’ll see you on the road.


Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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