Let the music play…

let_the_music_playAt the Suburban Blah House last night…tornado sirens in the wee hours…I blinked, rolled over and engulfed the wife in a bear hug, and went back to sleep. What else are we gonna do? This room’s as safe as any other in the house (not very) and at least we’ve got some blankets and a giant mattress.

Besides…the world is ALWAYS a better place when I’ve got a couple handfuls of wife. Plus…she’s got a nice butt! 🙂

Heavy rains and sixty mile-per-hour+ winds…this morning fences and trash cans blown all over creation…walked up the alley to the end and back clearing debris so folks (including me) could get our cars out of the alley.

For a change…we took no obvious damage to our house/vehicles, though my trash can was 4 houses down.

Took ‘Big Iron’ to work…commuting on the Valk is always a challenge…what with the homicidal and/or suicidal Dallas drivers and all…but the heavy rains and reports of big-rigs blown over and signs and lights down on some of the thoroughfares adds a level of pain I’m just not up to tackling this morning.

I want the 7000 pounds of traction and horsepower on my side…and figure the GPS may come in handy for routing as well.

Half way there…traffic finally clears and the speeds come up despite the rain…and IT happens.

The VERY good sound system is blasting out a particularly inspiring driving tune and…

*twitch* I shake my head…and cock it to the right.

“That didn’t sound good…”

The riff kicks in…lots of bass…and yep….

*twitch* My eyes water. The “definition” of my music is off…and drifting…

I’ve lost a speaker…or the amp in the old Pioneer Supertuner is losing it…

Sigh. Not a good thing. Yeah, yeah…first world problems and all that…but two things:

1) Pretty sure my vehicles run on music. If it’s not available they just don’t move…
2) If you think me lacking good music isn’t a civilization ending problem…you simply have NOT encountered me after I’ve been deprived of good music.

I’ll see you on the road…or perhaps at the stereo store…

Daniel Meyer

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