We belong…

toxicMen and women belong together. It’s a simple truth…and far more complex than an evolutionary biological imperative.

We’ve created a society where we can succeed apart…and this is a good thing…but we teach…we taunt, and we want to believe we don’t need another in our lives. That we can “have it all” on our own.

The truth is we require another in our lives, yet those men and women that acknowledge this are called whipped…or weak. We teach in school that these relationships will hold us back…that we should succeed first…and then possibly…if we have time for it and it won’t impact our “success”…find another.

Yeah. On your own. Independent. Strong.


Except “on our own” deprives us of an essential part of our humanity…the trust, dependence, and companionship of another. We lack the very experience of a relationship that holds above all others. That person that you know has your back no matter what. We can succeed on our own…but we never truly live.

We deserve that relationship…and as humans, we deserve it to be a passionate one. Passion is a core experience to achieve our humanity.

That said…do not EVER confuse a passionate relationship with a toxic one. You both deserve better than that.

I’ve seen…and experienced…the fallout and absolute carnage such relationships create…and they impact far more than just the two involved.

Mutual respect, honesty, trust, and safety are paramount. Couples disagree…it’s the nature of humanity…but safety for either person and the relationship itself should never be what’s at stake. If those are hostage…the relationship is toxic…and doomed.

Happiness is a choice. Expect it…and find yours.

Daniel Meyer

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