bread_trayAnd suddenly…bagels!

A first for me…

Today…I hit a bread rack tray (similar to the picture) that was sliding down Arapaho Road and changed lanes directly in front of me when a car clipped it.

Mighty rude of it. It didn’t even signal!

The rack was full of packages of bagels.

I ran directly over it. T-bone smack-down. No chance to do anything else except raise a bit off the seat and prepare to use whatever “skilz” would be required to live another day.

The rack went “crunch”. The packages exploded. Bagels and smashed bits of plastic went flying everywhere.

I’d have loved to see the airborne mess…when not involved in piloting the thing that created it.

Have to admit though…bagels make a pretty cool noise with thumping off me, my machine, and neighboring cars.

“thurpop thurpop thurpop thurpop thurpop thurpop thurpop thurpop thurpop thurpop thurpop”

The Valk kicked up a bit, squirming a bit sideways in the rear…but fortunately not enough to make her unrecoverable. A high-side in three lanes of 45mph congested traffic would not make for a good day.

Front wheel in the direction I wanted to be, a lean “inside”, and a healthy twist of the throttle saved the day.

Bagels. Sheesh. I guess “they” were right.

Those carbs really are bad for ya. Damn near killed me today…

Daniel Meyer

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