Never gonna stop…

Sleep wouldn’t come. The Dragon called. I tweaked the wife on the butt, rolled out of bed, and quietly dressed.

It was time to ride.

Something’s at the edge of your mind
You don’t know what it is…

Weaving through the fringes of DFW in the chilly night air, I grin wickedly as the opening in the traffic finally comes. I slam The Dragon down a couple gears and twist the throttle to the stop. The machine roars. I push a lane change hard, with just the bare hint of a rear drift. Right to the edge.

Bone. Blood. Steel. I don’t just ride this machine. I become The Dragon.

Something you were hoping to find
But you’re not sure what it is…

Gawd I love this beast!

Then you hear the music
And it all comes crystal clear…

Suddenly I was free of the city and racing into the full moon. It seemed I could breathe again.

The music does the talking
Says the things you want to hear…

I’m not gonna swear that I didn’t howl.

You’re thinking it over
But you just can’t sort it out…

The disasters of the last few days weigh heavily on my mind. I am a doer. A man of action. A builder…and I’m doing all that even while the hits keep coming and I’m looking at the pile of work and wondering where do I even start?

Years of work undone in a couple storms. I find I’m also wondering why I even bother…and that disturbs me.

Do you want someone to tell you
What they think it’s all about…

In short…with the exception of the aged and battle scarred machine I’m astride, every property asset we own has been seriously damaged in the last seven days.

Here, here, and here, if you haven’t seen the pics and details.

Tens of thousands in damage…and we’re not insured for nearly enough of it.

This time I did howl. Frustration and rage. It’s all I had…It’s all I WAS…and it had to go.

Are you the one and only
Who’s sad and lonely…

I am…in short…completely overwhelmed and utterly discouraged. I dream big and reach far. Perhaps too far. Perhaps beyond my grasp. It’s the only way to achieve great things.

But this has been a hard hit. Dreams on hold at the least. Possibly I need to kill them.

You’re reaching for the top…

Killing them would probably be the wise thing. The safe thing.

But that’s not me.

Well, the music keeps you going…

It never has been.

And it’s never gonna stop…

And I doubt it every will be.

It’s never gonna stop…

Time to think. Time to process. Time to understand. Time to live. THAT’S what riding does for me.

Triumph was long gone off my music player and I’d stopped measuring distance in miles…rather I’d switched to “tanks of fuel”.

The sun had been up for a couple hours and I was nearing the end of tank #3 when with perfect timing the music changed.

Working hard to get my fill…
Everybody wants a thrill…

My route had led me back to the city.

Payin’ anything to roll the dice
Just one more time…

I approached the exit to my job, chopped the throttle, and headed downtown.

Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues…

What do you do when it seems there’s nothing to be done?

Simple. You figure out what you have, pick up whatever that is, and get to work.

Oh, the movie never ends…

…and you keep right on working.

The wife and I are still breathing, we’re together, and for the moment at least…the rubber-side is on the road.

Loose plans jelled. Ideas flowed. My hands twitched with the urge to get to work.

It goes on and on, and on, and on…

Yeah. We’ve got this.

Don’t stop believin’
Hold on to the feelin’…

I’m here. Bring it on.

Besides…and it really is this simple…I just don’t know how to quit.

Oh yeah. We’ve got this.

I’ll see you on the road.


Daniel Meyer

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