The way is shut…

This is my very favorite picture of my nephew, Tyler.

Best selfie ever...

Best selfie ever…

His was a sensitive soul that endured a lot of setbacks and tragedy in this world.

Unfortunately his quest for peace and wearying battle with his demons led him to take his own life yesterday, leaving many of us behind wondering just what else we could have done to help.

It’s a haunting question…and one I know from experience…has no answer.

We can only hope and pray he found the peace he was seeking.

Rest well Tyler.

Daniel Meyer

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2 Responses to The way is shut…

  1. SFlood says:

    What else could you have done is a question? Did you love him? Yes. Did he know he was loved and help, mental and physical, was there even if he didn’t outright ask? Yes, even the free helplines are useful even to those that are that far along.
    My best friend traveled that path, luckily he was found in time and the hospital he was taken too understood his pain and provided excellent help, even when he didn’t want it, so he is here today still battling his demons but now it is a fair fight.
    I also travel that path but I have his example and support from him and other friends. Do I have “bad” days, sure I do but never so bad I don’t see any way out but suicide like my friend did that day.
    So I see both sides of this question of what more could you have done, the answer is you could have done nothing more, ultimately it was his decision not to accept that help, not to see that there are always another way out even if he didn’t see it right then.
    You have my condolences and like you I hope he found the peace in death that he didn’t find in life.
    Celebrate his achievements and mourn his loss but don’t let his last bad choice haunt you because I doubt he would want anyone to feel that kind of pain on his behalf.
    Kind of long but this punches one of my buttons that I can’t resist.

  2. mountainwombat says:


    I too am sorry for your loss, but please don’t let his choice trip you up into the pit.

    Try to remember the good times you shared, and like a wake raise a glass to him and wish him well on his journey but you must carry on. Take time to grieve, then return to the world.

    A man fights for the just cause no matter the cost, for to do less makes him less than a man.

    If you ever get to Australia look me up and I will buy you a beer.

    You must live your life as a celebration. Honour his memory, love your wife, and let the dragon fly!

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