What has been seen…(a learning moment)

How YOU doing...

How YOU doing…

Spent the evening at The Dallas Arboretum. Company holiday party. Gorgeous lights to be found wandering the grounds, decent weather, gooooood hot chocolate.

Laugh of the night…”Olaf”…the snowman from Disney’s “Frozen”…was running around in mascot form (along with others) to entertain the kids…

Little kid…we’ll call him “Timmy”…gets a picture with him and then when Olaf turns around and waddles off, the kid gets a “look” and then says to “mom”, “Momma! He looks like a big dick!”

Mom: “Timmy!”
Timmy: “But he DOES!”

Watching him waddle away…ayep. The costume design, sewing lines, how it rode on this particular player…directly from the back…is quite plainly a big dick…waddling though the crowd.

Not even subtly so…yanno…so it would take a dirty mind (like mine). Nope. A big dick.

Once Olaf has been seen…Olaf cannot be unseen.

“Mom”, being ever wise in these sorts of things (I’m guessing “Timmy is *not* her first boy), looks at Olaf retreating across the room, nods, (Olaf has been *seen*), and decides to make this a learning moment.

“Timmy! We don’t use that word for that!”
“Sorry Momma. He looks like a big PENIS.” The last word said, of course, with gusto.

A learning moment…we are what we are. The cute elf-girl that had been accompanying Olaf, blushed as red as her dress.

I gave HER a thumbs up.

Yep…enjoyed the party. Spent the rest of the evening with a big grin on my face.

And folks think Disney is boring.

I’ll see you on the road!

Daniel Meyer

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