Triple X…the Return Of Xander Cage (movie review).

“Attending your own funeral is some really surreal sh!t…”

I took that cute little gal I’ve been known to hang around with to the movies this week.

We were checking out the offerings and deciding on what to see when the wife (yes, that cute gal mentioned above) says, “Sometimes ya just gotta blow sh!t up!”

Yep…I agree. Seems blatant, stupid, over-the-top action was on the agenda.

There’s a reason I married that woman!

So…xXx3 it is!

A synopsis…

Vin Diesel is back as the smarmy, ultra-bad-ass Xander Cage. We get to see some gorgeous women, big, elaborate sets, lots of impossible, over-the top stunt work, government conspiracies, and explosions and gunfire everywhere.

That’s pretty much all you need. Okay, I admit…”synopsis” is a strong word for that. How about a tag-line instead:

Kick some ass, get the girl, and try to look dope while you do it.

This describes the entire film to the “T”…or perhaps the X.

If it’s not what you expect, well, you’ve not been paying attention. This is a sequel to the first two movies in this series…which you can also sum up with, “Kick some ass, get the girl, and try to look dope while you do it.” They work, and they’re fun…which is why many of us go to the movies. Why change things?

The characters are fun, colorful, and utterly predictable. The plot exists simply as a framework to assemble this cast and blow up those things. This is a formula action/combat/gruff guy saves the world flick…and it totally works.

We enjoyed it, and will add it to the library. It’s worth a big-screen look.

If you like action/set movies, or even Bond movies, and particularly if you liked the original, then this movie’s a good bet.

It comes in as #2 in my top well…three. I’ve only seen about 5 for the year (more reviews coming).

Oh…and we kill off Augustus Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson’s character) in the first scene in the film…but he’s not dead. I’d have warned you of the spoiler…but it’s not one…’cause you already knew that. The only way to kill off a Samuel L. Jackson character is to feed him to a shark in ultra close-up, blood spewing, yet laughable horror (yes, it’s been done). He is, apparently, eternal. He also, apparently, plays exactly the same character in every film he does.

xXx3 is my #2 pick for the year so far…

#1 Passengers
#2 Triple X…the Return of Xander Cage
#3 Collateral Beauty

There are plenty of good movie offerings coming up this year…so we’ll see you at the movies!

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