The Life I’m Given: Book Review

Book Review: The Life I’m Given : The Life You Choose by Guy B Wheatley

Just released, Guy B Wheatley’s third offering in the Given series follows “Emily”…a modified/enhanced human female awakened with no memories, in the clutches of a powerful company who intends to use her as an operative.

She’s not alone…and has help escaping provided by a previous “product” of the same lab. She must recover what memories she can while discovering her new abilities, and choose a new life…or to embrace her old one.

This is a satisfying read and was hard to put down…Character driven action (with the scify element of human enhancement) set in the not-to-distant future and although it can stand alone, I recommend reading the entire series.

Pick ’em up in digital or softcover at Amazon…click the picture to go there.

Daniel Meyer

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