We learn…

Something over a million miles on motorcycles…near a quarter-million on The Dragon alone…45(ish) states (including Alaska), 7 Canadian Provinces, and at least 5 Mexican states…mountains, curves, horrendous weather, wildlife…and I realized on this morning’s commute that the most technical, grueling, challenging, demanding, and dangerous (by far) riding I do…is right here in the metroplex.

It meets out lessons…and pain…on a constant basis. There is something to learn, every damn day.

As humans we learn right up to the point where we die…so it sounds good, right?

Maybe not…It had never occurred to me before that it might be the lessons that kill us.

I’ll see you on the road.

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  1. Wyrmlaf says:

    This reminded of a line from a movie involving time travel and alternate realities (Synchronicity):
    “Time is a teacher that eventually kills all of it’s students.”

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