I have attended…on too many occasions…the “School of Hard Knocks”.

Now…the “School of Hard Knocks” can be a pretty efficient (pronounced “ruthless”) teacher…but I am apparently a somewhat dense student in this regard (pronounced “stubborn”).

I ride for my sanity…I work for my life. I am a man…and have to do the things men must do. There simply is no other way.

A lifetime of construction work, motorcycling, selling my health “to the job”, and the occasionally required “Stand up for what’s right even it if kills you” that’s required in any real man’s life has left its mark.

Did I say mark? Mmmm. Marks. With an “s”…or three…

And when the “School of Hard Knocks” can’t teach ya…well…it just dispenses pain.

It’s pretty good at it.

Several serious and painful injuries…things that never healed correctly and the like have added up over the years to some significant chronic pain…which is made considerably worse when taxing myself for my job, riding, or projects. I exert, I pay. It’s just how it has to go.

One of the reasons I’d hesitated to take on “myself” as a project, and get training/gym/serious exercise REQUIRED to fix “me” is I’d figured pushing myself even harder than I already do would result in even more pain. Real, lasting pain sucks…and frankly, the folks that say “grin and bear it” simply haven’t experienced any.

A shoulder. A hip. A knee. An ankle. My entire left glute (which, over the years, has been stabbed, burned, treated by a veterinarian (had no money/insurance in those days), cut, road-rashed, scarred, infected, re-cut, re-infected, fallen on, slid on, kicked, hit with a pipe, stabbed through with a conduit, surgerized and many other things I can’t…or refuse to…even remember anymore…all added up to the occasional “screw it, I ain’t getting out of bed” moment…even as I’ve always managed to force myself to. The cursing only occasionally bothers the neighbors.

Anyway, seems counterproductive to take on a SERIOUS 5-day a week heavy-exercise routine, including significant weight training and flexing/using all those mentioned “pains” intently and intentionally.

I did it anyway. I’ve been known to be a bit cantankerous.

Here’s what’s unexpected…

I am experiencing MUCH less pain now than I was before I started. Significantly less. Life-changing less. Waking up and wondering just WTF is wrong for a good 5 minutes before I realized that what was “wrong” was that I had no pain at all one morning. My ibuprofen consumption has fallen by half…and probably will fall more…as I’ve found myself on a couple occasions taking it out of sheer habit.

There is still some…pain that is…more when I work on projects than working out…but it is vastly reduced.

This is NOT the weight loss…this is the added muscle and strength controlling those joints/areas better.

-32 today. That’s -132 from my peak.

…and now I’m turning it up to 11.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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