I think I’ve mentioned that it’s hard to come to terms with just how much of this fitness thing is actually a head game…

It seems the universe conspires to help your brain make excuses to NOT go do the things you must. We’re wired that way…to find external forces acting on us and use them as reasons for the things we do…or do not do

These are nothing but excuses.

Your job, or family obligations, or other “can’t do without” things are not so difficult…but when half your psyche is screaming that this fitness thing…this time…this effort…the resources…expended directly on YOU and you alone…are selfish…well…the brain looks, and finds, reasons to avoid the work.

It’s pretty damn good at it.


So…Monday morning…after a terrible, long, hot, work-filled weekend, the only time I had to workout came WAYYY too early.

I started awake to my alarm…at 4:20am…and quickly reached over and shut it off. I seldom use “snooze”…it just puts off the inevitable…

Click…I turn on my bedside lamp and blink.

Damn…I don’t want to do this today…

This is the point where the wife…that cute little short gal that for some reason shares her life with me…rolls over on my chest and grabs me in a hug.

All those curves…

As the goosebumps travel up my spine she sleepily mumbles “Don’t go!” into my ear.


“Got to babe.”


Did I mention she was naked? I wanted nothing more in the world than to stay where I was and exploer the…ur…situation.

What’s a man supposed to do?

Yeah, well…that’s a key question isn’t it. What’s a MAN supposed to do?

That answer never changes…a man’s supposed to do what he must…regardless of feelings or personal cost.

I gently disengaged myself, showered, and dragged my ass to my workout.

Is that dedication? Or something else entirely?

Head games.

I’d tell you I’m winning…but it doesn’t always feel like I am…

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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