Grilled beast…

Eating sensibly on the road is notoriously difficult…especially when your time on the road is spent frantically getting from one work-site to another…or heading at an undoubtedly too-fast-pace on the 30 mile round-trip for miscellaneous parts…

Expensive, hot, and heavy defined most of the work today.

But eating sensibly CAN be done…ya just gotta remember that contrary to popular opinion…you CAN get various beast parts grilled or broiled here in Texas…not everything is ACTUALLY deep-fried by default. Even in east Texas.

You also have to remember that despite what the menu says…”macaroni and cheese” is NOT an actually vegetable…

“I’ll have the grilled chicken please.”
“Ya want that deep fried hon?”
“Uh…no…the *grilled* chicken is usually grilled.”
“Huh. Hang on and let me check with the cook….

…”well what do ya know! He *DOES* grill things. Don’t get much call for that out here…potatoes and gravy with that, hun?”
*points at menu*
“Uh, grilled veggies and green-beans…”
“Let me check…I don’t think anybody’s ordered that before…”

Oh…and it’s also pretty easy to come in under your calorie goal for the day if you spend most of it…frantically working in the heat on heavy expensive projects…or driving at high-speed across the greater part of east Texas trying to get more done than is reasonably possible…and don’t actually manage to eat anything for about 12 hours.

I don’t recommend that step.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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