If, in late 2013, you had told my 427-pound self that I would be doing walking lunges before the crack of dawn today (LOTS of walking lunges…gad!) as part of a near 2-hour intense physical workout…

OR, had you even said the same to my Jan 2017, 327-pound self, I no doubt, would have said something abrupt and impolite…possibly accompanied by a wave that didn’t make use of all my fingers.

Well, I was, doing lunges and other stuff that is, and there wasn’t even a gun to my head. What’s with that?

I weigh 245 pounds today, and am wearing a pair of 36″ jeans. “Back then” I’d have told you that was impossible too. I couldn’t fit in 60’s (!!) in 2013…I might have been 20 years old the last time I fit in 36’s

-82 pounds this year. -182 from my peak.

A long way to go yet…but I’m starting to believe…maybe…just maybe…I’m doing it right.

Hell…I might even survive the process!

It’s a bit daunting to realize though…that one way or another…this is a lifetime’s pursuit. I’ll never be done.

I just wish I’d realized this 35 years ago.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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