Have I?

My blood sugar…pretty much anytime I care to check it.

Have I beaten T2 diabetes?

Society says, “Piss off and die, you deserve it and it’s all your fault anyway you fat-ass…” ’cause, yanno, some people suck.

But…yanno…”the wisdom of the crowd” and all that…ends up being the mentality of a 2-year old dead squirrel, so we probably shouldn’t ask them. (pro-tip, ya don’t HAVE to ask them…they will tell you anyway. Loudly. Over and over again.)

So…the wisdom of the dead squirrels is out. On to the professionals! Let’s talk to the docs! They should know, right? Since it costs around $100/minute to chat with ’em and all.

Surprise! The medical community says, “No. There are genetic and ‘other’ factors ya see…” And in the very next breath explain in a used-car salesmen’s spiel that you still need to come see them at least 4 times a year, take these “other” drugs that treat things you don’t have, visit their brother the eye-doctor for a $300 special “diabetic eye exam” at LEAST annually and lab tests 4 times as often as others and so on.

It’s a permanent death sentence ya see…and a diagnosis means a permanent note in your medical file, stupidly un-affordable higher insurance rates (especially if they reverse the “preexisting condition” clause), In some states it also means a notation on your drivers license records (and thus…”the state” and anybody that asks “the state” has this information…you should see some of the junk mail I get)

Turns out I’m somewhat of a cash-cow. They are loathe to let me go.

That’s okay, I can tell ’em to “piss off” right?

Heh…yah…then you get the dreaded, “Non-compliant patient” notation in your permanent, transferable, all-but-public record. This can raise your mandatory, IRS enforced premiums (beyond the stupidly higher via “lifestyle surcharges”), cost you state licenses and freedoms for some activities, and with the way records are being bandied about so freely nowadays, I suspect cause difficulties in obtaining or keeping employment.

Are y’all getting the concept of “mandatory, government regulated medical coverage” yet?

All this would be terribly discouraging…if I gave even a little bit of a crap what the “wisdom of the crowd” thought, how fat my doctor’s wallet was, or what new things my government *thinks* they have the right to do to me.

Fortunately, I don’t. Annoyed? Sure. Discouraged? Hah. Piss off.

Anyway, what’s a disease that:
1) Has no symptoms.
2) Needs no treatment.
3) Has no risks/impact on the patient.
4) No test will show it exists.
5) Can only be detected, in fact, by reading an old notation in the patient’s file.

I would say that disease is a test for insanity…as in…should you insist it exists, you are, in fact, insane.

Pity about that. An entire medical community and the government that has mandated their involvement…insane. Poor things. Just who do we ask to get them some much needed treatment? Perhaps the IRS?

(can ya tell this is a pet peeve?)

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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