How long?

There is not much evidence that I was ever a “young-un”…as we lost a house and contents in the 80’s and with it, all the memorabilia that proves to folks that seem to need such things, that one actually did…exist.

Frankly, the lack of evidence is probably a good thing. There are lots of things best left forgotten and mysteries that shouldn’t be explored…

Like that hair! What’s with that! (I should note for my readers of strong constitution that I’ve not lost any hair…it’s simply migrated.)

There is newfound evidence of my existence however! My Mom found an old picture of me in a box she had somewhere.

It helps answer the question of, “How long?”

You may have heard me mention, “30+ years”, “all my life”, etc about how long I’ve been failing utterly at taking care of myself. Here’s some proof…

I can’t be more than 15 in this photo…so…more than 35 years ago.

Oh my GAWD the hair!!

I should also mention this can’t be more than a few months before “life” reared up and wiped that smug “I’ve got this” grin right off my face. Years of hardship, hard work, injuries, and struggles followed.

Now…while there is substantial muscle hiding under that “baby-fat”…I thrived for years in construction, farm/field work and the like…it’s still readily obvious that even this far back…”I” was never on the list.

I am now.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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