Mandatory overdose…

“They”…yanno…those folks we pay around $100/min to chat with…were overdosing me on statins. This seriously impacts “other” things.

My cholesterol has been consistently low…with only an occasional “jaunt” into prohibited territory, usually with a low HDL number.

I was on statins for a couple reasons…
1) They think *everybody* should be on them.
2) Once upon a time 4 years ago I had a high overall number…one single test.
2) ACA and my workplace have made testing, complying with the standards, and accepting the prescribed care *mandatory*.

The year the statins were “assigned” my T-levels crashed (from around 1100 to below 100). After months of enduring issues related to this I was grudgingly “allowed” limited HRT, but never back to my previous levels and 100% at my own expense of course.

This latest round of tests yields a rather dramatic result…

There has been additional weight loss and strength training that can impact this number too…but not this much.

The Chart

So…care to guess what happened between the end of August and the end of October to so dramatically impact this result?

Yeah, I cut the statins in half.

Low T is a known side-effect but again, considered “quality of life” instead of “therapeutic” so ignored by most docs. In case you happen to believe the master hormone in a male is “optional”…do a little research into what happens to us when it’s low…dementia, Alzheimers, heart and circulatory disease, diabetes, nerve issues, fat gain, osteoporosis, sexual problems, premature aging, balance, and muscle loss are just the start of the problems.

So. Screw ’em. Statins. Chop chop. In half. Three months ago (yes, I actually DID discuss it with my doc…I ain’t gonna lie to the guy).

Amazingly, my cholesterol numbers got better too with a higher HDL (that’s good and in range) and everything else WELL within range.

I’m pretty sure my doc’s not really working for ME as an individual, with particular needs…but rather trying to stuff me into a set of numbers. Unfortunately those numbers are comprised of a mix of drug-makers recommendations, government intervention, bad science, and employer-driven healthcare standards.

He’s not ready to take me off the statins entirely (and another drug I think is doing more harm than good) despite the numbers, and all gung-ho to remove the HRT (which is a quality of life thing) based on, yep, a number…in this single result…

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be buying unneeded drugs (mandatory) and flushing ’em (probably gonna be a felony), and then buying the stuff I actually need on the black/grey market (probably a hangin’ offense).

Y’all getting what mandatory means yet?

…and who is it that thinks government intervening in our health care is making it better?

Years ago I paid a veterinarian under the table to treat a somewhat serious injury (as I didn’t have insurance)…I got excellent and affordable care.

I wonder if I can just go back to him.

Let’s change some things, shall we?

I’ll see you on the road…or perhaps at the vet’s office…

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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