My self-defined “official” monthly weigh in is normally around the middle of the month…using the InBody system at Rowlett Transformation Center, which measures body composition as well as just weight. That’s cool…and important. Turns out weight is not a good measure of your fitness, despite what my employer and about half the medical community may tout. Body composition…fat, muscle, and the strength to go with it…is where health is at.

So…December’s weigh in was this morning.

Body Analysis, 12/18/17

I posted -190 a couple days back…that was on my analog bathroom scale. I really shouldn’t weigh every day…but I do. I’m apparently a glutton for punishment. Go figure. Anyway, some variance is expected and normal. I frequently see bounces of a couple pounds up or down. I usually only report the ones in the middle.

The official number from December’s weigh in on the InBody system is -188.

88 of that is since February 9th this year.

I’m at 21% body fat.

Around 6% body fat left to lose…about 18 pounds.

It’s getting harder.

S’okay…I’ve got my teeth into this thing. Apparently I like hard.

My goal for this year was -100…I’m not going to make that (at least, safely). I’m about 12 pounds short of that at the moment, with only 13 days left in the year (AND a Christmas Dinner in there somewhere…there will be pumpkin pie!).

Not too much of a worry…the 100 pounds was an arbitrary number, chosen in a decisive moment where the important thing was that I’d had enough and was going to kick this thing’s ass.

I could lament about missing the target…but on reflection, -100 really wasn’t the target. Fitness was. Progress was. Learning how to do this was. I’m on track for all.

If I add another 6-8 lbs to the remainder of that -100 pound goal for a total of 18-20 pounds of fat loss as my “stretch” goal to hit between now and the end of 1st quarter next year…well…that will put me at a healthy/fit weight and around 15% body fat. Amazing to think about.

A few years back me looking to lose 18-20 pounds would be like tossing a deck chair off the bow of the Titanic.

I’ve not been in this good of shape in my entire adult life…nearly 40 years…yet I’m still struggling to get my head wrapped around this. Head games again. Intense ones.

I STILL see the fat guy staring back at me from the mirror. I’m really not sure how to deal with him.

The fit guy is beginning to peek through in the photographs though.

Left: 427 pounds, struggling to fit in 60″ jeans. Right: 239 pounds, 21% body fat.

Even when I hit those weight/body-fat numbers, I’ll still have work to do. Pretty much every workout shows me places where my strength and balance isn’t where I want it to be.

Mmm…on that vein…added to my daily routine…a challenge. For the next 30 days:
1) 50 body weight squats
2) 50 sit-ups, ab sit-ups, or v-ups.

ADD 2 additional to each…every day.

The math says that at the end of the thirty days, I’ll have done (divides by pi, carries the two)…uh…um…well…a shitload of squats.

My legs hurt just thinking about it (I’m on day 4 already).

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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