I didn’t need one last week. See, it’s simply a tool…kind of a “jack of all trades” tool…like a Crescent Wrench…used for a lot of things it can “competently” do…but there’s better tools for the specific job. Now, it’s a GOOD tool…the actual “Crescent” brand so to speak…but there are better quality and more suitable tools for my specific endeavors that I might purpose it for. It’s a cool looking tool though…so lots of folks “toss one in the box”.

See, I have far better tools…in quantity, higher quality, and in configurations more specifically suited to particular purposes, than this tool could hope to be. Some of them look even cooler.

So, yeah, I don’t need one of these tools.

But then…tragically…sadly…predictably, the tool became the focus…and only focus…of a tragedy and deliberate misuse. People with no historical concept of just how important those tools are, calling for the removal of the tool…and categorizing all owners of the tool as “evil”…or worse, blaming them for the misuse.

It’s easy, ya see…mindless reaction and demanding others do something rather than look at the actual problem. The actual problem is pretty tough…and a scary thing to contemplate. Screaming is easier.

So, yeah. Last week I didn’t need one of these tools…

And the hand-wringing screamers are correct. THIS week I don’t need one of these tools either.

I need *three*.

Because I know history…and it’s my fucking right.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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