To lift? Or not to lift? Is there a question?

0-stupid-30 this morning. I’m tired, and have a *known* long and stressful day ahead. A thousand things vie for my time and attention, exactly ZERO of them make any room or allowance for *me*.

My brain has 100 reasons, in an endless litany parading though my head, on why I shouldn’t be here.

It is convincing. And persuasive. It is also, at the moment, not my friend.

Those hundred reasons reach deep, touching on obligations to others, the burden of my career, the warm and willing woman I’m leaving behind in bed, and the need for rest.

In all that noise, there is only one small voice, briefly revealed, intensely downplayed, and immediately overwhelmed, that quietly asserts that I should go and “do the thing”. There is no why. “Why” is overwhelmed by all the solid, logical, and sensible reasons to “not”.

Lost in the noise. The easy way and the hard way. The easy gets nearly all the votes.

So, what to do? Heh, yeah. I thumb the mp3 player, hit REO Speedwagon’s “Only the Strong Survive”, crank up the volume…and I go and “do the thing”.

It’s a head-game, and I don’t do “easy”.

Easy is over-rated.

I’ll see you on the road.

The work…is NOT the had part.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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