Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong…

What if everything they ever taught you was wrong?

What to eat. When to eat. How much to eat. Dietary cholesterol impacting blood cholesterol and/or heart disease. Dietary fat. Carbs. A calorie is just a calorie. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

What if they know this, and continue to teach it anyway?

What if the teaching of all this “wrong” is so pervasive that despite evidence to the contrary, we still follow it?

What if it’s so pervasive that despite evidence to the contrary your DOCTOR still follows it, and won’t support you attempting to change?

What if the standards AND the methods to achieve them recommended by your doctor (or your education) are SO wrong that they are unhealthy?

Once I tossed out all I “KNEW”…I achieved these results.

What if the food pyramid…that handy thing that tells you what to eat…is essentially (but not quite) upside-down?

What if all calories aren’t created equal?

What if the type of calories consumed matter far MORE than how many you eat?

What if pricing and availability of food sources was nearly inversely related to what you *should* be eating to optimize your health?

If all that was the case…what would happen?

You might see statistics like:

–40% of adults are obese (and rising).
–70% of adults are overweight (and rising).
–30% of children are overweight or obese (and rising).
–100 million Americans…nearly 1/3 of the population…has diabetes or pre-diabetes (and rising).

Unfortunately all those statistics are real.

It’s easy to get caught up in the question of “why”…but the answer is usually simple. There’s money involved somewhere. Doesn’t matter though. We’ve been programmed to fail…but once we turn into adults, we can make our own decisions. That we’re failing is blatantly obvious. The information on how NOT to fail is out there, and the results speak for themselves.

Face the facts. Don’t deceive yourself. Find the way. Own it. Take control.

Food for thought.

And this tidbit as well:

What else have you been taught…what else do you KNOW…that is completely wrong?

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer
You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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3 Responses to Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong…

  1. sevesteen says:

    The problem here is which are actually facts? I don’t trust the USDA’s facts, I think their notion that carbs should be the biggest part of our diet is a huge, maybe the biggest contributor to obesity. I’m slightly sceptical about some of the claims that my diet gurus make, what’s real science, what is cherry picked to support moral veganism rather than best nutritionally…but I’m still down over 80 pounds and not overweight for more than 2 years. (And one of the gurus says “half of this is BS, but we don’t know which half). A co-worker has lost around 100 lbs doing keto. I’m still very skeptical about keto, on the other hand if he can keep it off he’s likely better off losing it with keto than not losing it.
    At least people have stopped telling me that my way won’t work…that took about a year at this weight.

    • Daniel Meyer says:

      The facts…the actual science-based facts…are out there…but it IS quite difficult to find them, and mostly you are on your own. Your docs generally go with the FDA, USDA, etc standards…and most won’t discuss supplements or diets beyond the government’s recommended levels or regimen. Unfortunately it’s been repeatedly shown the standards often are based on flawed studies, biased reviews, and even junk science and paid lobbying.

      But there’s so much BS out there beyond that, usually designed to sell a product or book, just to confuse things, to make it extraordinarily difficult to determine “optimal”.

      You have to learn all you can, apply common sense, find a doc and/or other health professional and judge THEM based on their willingness to discuss options, their biases, and then demonstrate what works.

      Lots of folks get overwhelmed and simply use that as an excuse to stop or do nothing.

      Rather…they should make incremental changes based on the best information they can find, and when something demonstrably works, head that way.

      This is why it’s so discouraging to me that I can’t seem to find an actual physically fit, middle-aged doctor…

      • sevesteen says:

        There’s at least one middle aged fit doctor…he wrote the book I used. I don’t think he’s a practicing family doctor anymore. Even his book is flawed–the diet just isn’t complicated enough to need a whole book, enough to succeed could be summarized in less than we’ve spent on this post. He also switched from saying how to pick good supplements to just saying “buy mine” in later editions. I’ll make allowances.

        Maybe that’s the problem, there’s no significant money to be made, no special interests to fund a study–but I’d really like to see a study that includes psychological and willpower aspects of a variety of diets, and followed people for 5 years or more. And isn’t sponsored by some particular special interest.

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