Haven’t been on a scale in a while. Changed that this morning. I was disappointed at what I saw.

Yep, I gained. Ten pounds. Ugh.

There’s reasons…some could just be water. Then there’s the enforced, mandatory convalescence due to the shoulder surgeries. I’ve not been in a gym for nearly 6 weeks. Other than the stairs at work I get very little structured exercise.

Frustrating, but not fatal. I know how to fix it…and I’ve got this.

It’s a rather simple combination. Lack of exercise, and I must be eating too much.

I’ve not let my nutrition slip *that* far…but it has slipped.

With my calorie goal set at my calculated Basal Metabolic Rate, I could just be a couple hundred calories a day over and get this result without the exercise to burn the extra.

A couple hundred calories is only 10% of my daily consumption…the equivalent of a cookie or two…could simply be my calculated rate is off, or it could be my occasional “slips” on nutrition. It’s likely a combination of both.

So why am I sharing this…temporary failure among my successes? Simply because it’s a part of the journey…and it is what it is.

And on reflection…there’s a bit of psychology going on too…that “head game” that frequently comes into play.

Simply put…doctors orders prohibit the gym…or anything else that might result in a fall, or even an involuntary reach with the bound arm. Even squats and sit-ups are out of the picture (I tried), as you flex various muscles for balance and coordination…and turns out the shoulder muscles are actively involved in that.


So…out of the gym…and no excuses required. An external force.

It’s easy to lose your focus…your habit…your drive in this case. The gym work had to slip due to the doc’s orders. It’s not my fault. Right?

Occasionally the nutrition could slip too. No big deal right? We’ll get back to it shortly, right?

Your brain is not your friend. I’d whack it with a margarita but that’s counter productive and frankly, I think it enjoys it.

So…this coming Friday is the follow up with my surgeon. If all is well, I’ll be out of the sling. PT will start the next week, and I’ll be able to get back to cardio and “non lifting” stuff the following week. So…yes, I’ll get back to it. I’ll fix it.

But do I have to wait the two weeks? It’s easy to say yes. Doc’s orders. Nothing I can do, right?

Nope. There’s something I can do.

I can refocus on my nutrition in the mean time. Cut my calorie goal by 5% and make sure I’m accurately tracking what I do eat…and make double sure I’m eating the right things (macros). Revisit in that two weeks and I should see improvement. If not, adjust the calorie goal again.

Ten pounds. Not even 5% of my weight. But it sucks. And I’m annoyed with myself.

The head game. It’s win or lose just on that. I know this…and it still sneaks up on me

Damn the thing anyway.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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