Right to the edge…

In fitness, we must stress muscles and our cardiovascular system in order to improve them. This is a well researched and easily demonstrable scientific fact.

It’s VASTLY misunderstood nonetheless.

“Stress” doesn’t mean approaching the edge of our comfort zone. It doesn’t even mean approaching the edge of our ability.

It means pushing past them.

There is danger here. If we push too far past the edge of our ability we risk injury or damage or other setbacks.

But there’s even more danger in holding back.

If we don’t get TO that edge we are training and teaching ourselves that our current status is ideal. If we are shy of that edge, we are training and teaching ourselves that we can back down, degrade, or atrophy. Stagnation and mediocrity are the BEST that can be achieved there.

We only grow, we only progress, we only change, when we push ourselves right to the edge, and a little bit past it.

This is true in FAR more than fitness. It applies to every aspect of life. Fitness. Career. Skills. Relationships. Passion. Everything.

Life and love.

We either push, and push hard, risking setback, failure, or injury, or we at best, stagnate.

It can be wearying and painful…but we cannot stop.

The edge though…is not clearly defined and doesn’t stay in the same place. Constant testing, pushing, work, and seeking are required.

Where is the edge? How far past it can we push? How long can we keep this up? What is the cost of failure? What is the cost of failing to try? Where is the edge between the edge? How much do we push? When can we rest?

Tough questions these. Finding the answers is a lifetime’s work…one way or another.

That’s a hard lesson to learn.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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