Mourn or Curse?

Sitting in the restaurant…chowing down on a very good omelette and about 5 cups of coffee. I’m by myself…a quick bite after PT but before work…so besides the food, people watching is on the agenda.

Car pulls in…60ish lady driver gets out, goes to the passenger door, opens it, swings the feet out of 60ish male. Grabs folding roller/walker out of back seat, puts it in place…then grabs his O2 bottle out of the front floorboard, hooks it on the walker, and adjusts his nasal cannula.

She then leaves him and walks into the restaurant to get a table.

He sat there…and smoked a cigarette, before he laboriously stood up and made is way in, struggling to breathe the entire time.

People. I don’t know whether to mourn their stupidity, or curse their addictions.

All I could feel was an overwhelming sadness…and a little relief he didn’t just stop breathing or burst into flames.

Stay strong my friends…and if you’re not…then get that way.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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