If you are T2 diabetic, pre-diabetic, have metabolic syndrome, or are significantly overweight (25+% body-fat for men, 30+% for women) and you have not CLOSED YOUR MIND to the FACT what you do every day dramatically impacts these issues, you need a Continuous Glucose Monitor (GCM).

This is a little sensor (about the size of a quarter) that you painlessly stick on the back of your arm. It stays there (the model we use, for 14 days before replacement) and samples your glucose levels and stores the data. You wave a handheld unit over it any time you want (but at least every 8 hours) and the data is downloaded and displayed as a current number, trend, and chart of the history. The chart is pure gold…

This is a *game changer* as it shows you…in real time…just how incredibly *fucked up* many of the foods we eat as a normal/majority part of our diet actually are.

…if you’ll get your head out of that river in Egypt (deNile)…you’ll also see just how fast you can move your stats toward normal.

The problem is it takes consistent, MINDFUL behavior, and those little daily cheats are a killer. Many of these foods essentially SET a significantly higher baseline for your blood sugar for the rest of the day…and they stack on each other as well.

I’ll write more about this in detail sometime, someplace…but if you’ll accept that a high blood sugar level (and the resulting high insulin levels introduced whether via your overworked pancreas or injections) are the issue, you can learn, in mere days…what the real problem is and how dramatically YOU can impact it.

High sugar and/or high insulin levels are responsible for pretty much everything related to the above conditions.

…it comes down to this…no matter how many ways we phrase the question…the answer doesn’t change.

Fixing it…via that consistent behavior…is another challenge.

Trying to get off of these foods will also show you just how much of an addiction they actually are.

Of the units out there at the moment, Freestyle Libre is the most affordable. Most insurance plans cover ’em.

Their value is IF and ONLY if…you are ready to accept that what you do…*every* day, *every* meal, dramatically impacts your condition (good or bad) and you are ready to fix it.

These conditions will prematurely kill hundreds of thousands this year alone…and are, 100%, influenced by your daily behavior. This is the first tool I’ve seen that will give you specific information to what behavior needs to change (what foods you have to DROP!!!). Since these changes often run counter to the current teachings…this information is incredibly valuable and most likely NOT something you are getting directly from your doctor or nutritional guidelines.

Fixing it…well…THAT is a simple process…but it’s NOT easy…I suspect a majority are unwilling to accept the data even when swatted upside the head with it…and some, even if they did, would be unable to execute it. There’s a lifetime of habit, outright addiction, MASSIVE advertising, high profit, a “food is a reward” mentality, and horrid current nutritional advice working against them. Folks will defend what they “know” with a religious fervor…even while it’s killing them. I KNOW this…as I did it for years myself.

That will be subject for other writings.

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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