NOT a fluke…

Okay…where to start? Mmmm…how about this? If you only read, believe, or understand ONE thing I’ve written about this fitness journey…this article needs to be it…

Those of you following along may remember that I’ve BEATEN T2 diabetes and completely NORMALIZED my blood work.

T2 diabetes. I’ve beaten the unbeatable. An off the chart A1C, off the chart triglycerides, severly out of range cholestrial and blood pressure and pretty much any other metric you’d want to look at. Weighing 427 pounds will do that to ya.

But wait! There’s MORE!

There’s something else that goes along with that…TWO more “unbeatables”…lymphedema and diabetic nephropathy. Supposedly progressive, not-reversible, and inevitable.

Except I’ve eliminated and reversed them too. T2, lymphedema, and diabetic nephropathy. Gone. No trace. Reversed. Eliminated.

Go back and read that again.

Eliminated. Boo-yeah!

What’s it take?

It’s a simple process, and that’s part of the problem. Folks are looking for the complicated answer. They like the answer where they are the victim.

Simple doesn’t mean easy.

Oh…and let’s back up a bit…first and foremost you MUST OWN IT. You are not a victim. You are in control of this. Some of you have more or less difficult journeys than others due to piling on health conditions, allergies, other health problems etc…but unless you are doing ALL YOU CAN, ALL THE TIME, to improve your health, you have not owned it.

Do all you can and you will improve the situation.

…and absolutely nothing else will.

So, yeah, it’s simple. It’s decidedly difficult to execute though, as it’s ultimately a head game, and your brain is NOT your friend in this.

Research, experimentation, and most importantly DATA have yielded this:
1) Eliminate sugar, flour, and starches from your diet. This means most processed foods. Period. These foods…in their impact on your blood sugar and insulin levels (even if you are NOT diabetic) are horrible. This step is difficult as it runs counter to everything you’ve been taught, decades of habit, and is up against billions in high-profit food industry products and advertising. Food is fuel. You MUST use the right fuel. Period. This does NOT mean you can’t enjoy it, but you will have to change. The American diet is lethal. DO NOT get sidetracked into the debates about artificial sweeteners, GMO’s, antibiotics, etc. Use them if you must (and don’t exhibit a reaction to them). THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. Sugar and flour ARE, RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.
2) Lose body-fat. This is done through diet primarily, as you cannot outwork a bad diet. Men need to be 15-20% body fat, women 20-25%. Excess body fat consumes insulin (and other needed hormones) with no benefit, and causes a massive host of other issues. Ain’t gonna argue this point. If you don’t believe/understand this despite all the data out there, you are lost.
3) Pile on as much muscle as possible. That means add serious resistance (means weights) training and cardio exercise to your routine. Muscle stores glucose, buffers joints, and is quite simply a fountain of youth. Do some research. FORTY percent reduction in all-cause mortality for people that lose the fat and add the muscle.

That’s all it takes. But…am I a fluke?

No. If you’re human and still breathing, this applies to YOU.

How do I know it’s not a fluke?

The easy answer is there are examples all over out there…for those willing to look.

But I’ll make it easier.

I did it for me. But there’s somebody very dear to me suffering from the same problems.

So we’re doing it again.

Y’all may recall I posted about a game changer for T2 diabetics…in the Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM’s)…short of it is…if you’re significantly overweight, prediabetic, or T2 diabetic AND open to the idea that YOUR actions and behavior are the cause AND cure, then get your doctor to prescribe one of these units. They are simple, painless, and absolutely a game changer.

So, we fitted the love of my life with a CGM and went to work. Trial and error, and proving just how SCREWED UP some of the foods that are our staples are (they would be okay as TREATS to a healthy person, but are near 80% of the American diet and are killing us!)

As a simple example, see the graphs below. On the left, a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, yields a blood sugar spike of well over 200 points…to off the chart…and it persists for hours.

On the right, the same turkey sandwich made with a “keto” bread…low carb, high protein, high fiber. Yields an expected minor spike, and returns to normal within two hours.

Looking at all your meals and snacks with this data available, and ACTING on it with the idea being to minimize the size and duration of any spikes yields quite dramatic results.

How dramatic?

With NO OTHER CHANGES, in JUST FORTY-FIVE days, including days that were experimenting and “less than ideal” we did this:
1) Normalized ALL blood work.
2) Dropped triglycerides by more than 70%, well into the normal/healthy range (triglycerides are THE serious risk factor in dementia, heart-attack, and strokes)
3) Reduced her A1C from nearly 11 to…6.3.
4) Reduced insulin dosage by 20%.
5) Lost 10 pounds/fat.
6) Significantly reduced the swelling/turgidity in her legs.

…and the impact is accelerating.

Lipid results.

Blood sugar

In a DECADE of doing what the doc’s said, this is the first serious progress she’s made.

This is NOT magic. It is NOT a fluke. WE ARE NOT EXCEPTIONS. Do these things, and this IS the result.

Some of you can’t manage the intensity I applied to this.

So what?

Apply the intensity SHE’S applying to this and you’ll still get results…and as those results accumulate, you’ll be able to “up the game”.

Do what you can. Do ALL you can. OWN THIS SHIT! It’s a head game, and it’s the only thing that’s going to help.

It’s in our hands. It’s in yours. For us, for the first time in a decade, a path to the future.

Owned it yet?

Why the HELL not?

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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