In a weird head-space at the moment…

I’ve been battling my weight literally my entire life…battling it WRONG…but battling it…and of course, loosing.

On this journey, this time, I’ve learned how to do it…RIGHT…and I’ve done it.

It boils down to this…

I don’t need to lose weight anymore.


I don’t need to lose weight anymore.

Now, basically, I’m optimizing my body composition. Adding muscle, reducing body fat, leaning out.

It’s a different process. Sort of. Still means “eat right, work hard”…it’s just what “right” and “hard” mean are shifting. Last week my trainer had to tell me to eat more…

Eat more…strange concept…When I was fat, and diabetic, food WAS the enemy…neither of those are the case anymore. Note…ya still can’t eat crap.

Weighed in this morning…in the last week I worked harder than ever, I added around 3 pounds of muscle, lost more than that in fat..and am sitting at 17.2% body-fat. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been…even when I was in my “bullet-proof 20’s” and worked construction.

Numbers say 6 pounds of fat left to lean out, to reach an athletic 15% body fat.

These are numbers I’ve NEVER been…

Gotta go buy more clothes…got nothing left that fits. Again.

If you, the reader, gets ANY take-away from my entire struggle…it’s that self care (and learning HOW…our education was outright WRONG) should be your number one goal…and YOU are 100% in control of this process.

If you OWN it…at whatever level you can achieve…doing ALL you can EVERY day…well, it works. Every time.

I’m not done by any means. This is a lifetime pursuit, and I’ve a surgery scheduled to deal with the loose skin ya end up with from a better than 60″ belly…


I don’t need to lose weight anymore…

I’m not sure I understand that just yet…

The hardest battle you will ever fight…is with yourself.

I win.

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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