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A life full of experiences has costs. Achievements are balanced by failures and pain, much of which hangs with us to surface at inconvenient times. I’ve written often of “The Darkside of the Man“…and these artifacts make up a substantial … Continue reading

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The Light-Side of the Dark

Fuel management…it’s a thing…especially when your range before reserve maxes out at 140 miles or so… My normally aggressive throttle habits and the “not conservative” speed limits found here can radically shorten that range. In a state where I can … Continue reading

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A toss up…

It’s a toss up at the moment… Lonely tonight…no woman in my bed (she’s in another city)…and the friends/family have all retreated to their conventional, socially expected evenings. The id churns. The darkside of the man wakes. Sleep it seems … Continue reading

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Quotes to fit the mood…

Long ride. Intensely lonely. The moon, the darkness, the empty road, and the lonely wail of the valk my only company. Introspection. Time for thoughts. Moods darken and change. The passion rises, and then, unfulfilled, calls forth the darkside of … Continue reading

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Hunting Dragons

This night found me lounging on the balcony of my room at the resort, sprawled in the chaise lounge and pondering deeply. It’s after 3 am and still I can’t sleep. I’m exhausted. The heat and exertion of the last … Continue reading

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Seasonal Hazards

I am a rider. I am other things as well…but I am a rider to the core. There is a truth that long days alone on the highways can teach…a truth that we all must learn…rider or not…in order to do more than simply survive. Continue reading

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Bang! Zoom! Road Gators…and the Cartoon Stars.

More on this cryptic line from Friday’s post:

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