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“Damn it!” I woke gasping and soaked in sweat. “Ahhh fu@k…” I don’t “nightmare” much…or…if I do they normally don’t bother me. The best my subconscious mind can come up with usually pales in comparison to the things I’ve dealt … Continue reading

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Not a Damn Thing

Meeting friends for dinner and a movie…in one of those new “outdoor” malls. This is a concept that is probably doomed here in Texas at least. The little “town center” of stores doesn’t have nearly enough parking in the core, … Continue reading

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Who are you (Update)

Regarding the post Friday about the guy taking pictures of our house that took off in his white van (THE vehicle of choice for sex offenders everywhere!) when confronted by our houseguest: Well, turns out he was upset with the … Continue reading

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Who are you?

Who are you…and why are you taking pictures of the back of our house? The driver of this van was shooting pictures of the Old Vic yesterday evening. (click for bigger): He rapidly skedaddled when our friend (who shot this … Continue reading

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