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Grilled beast…

“I’ll have the grilled chicken please.”
“Ya want that deep fried hon?”
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Stumbling in after a hard, late run I joined the wife in the living room watching the late news. I kissed her, grabbed handful of snack crackers out of the bag on the coffee table, and popped one in my … Continue reading

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Gathering of the Fools….

Headed south for barbecue this Saturday, to a friends outstanding annual event. Roughly 350 miles each way for me. Should do me some good…banging about the highways and byways of Texas…meeting friends, and snarfing barbecue. From a couple years ago: … Continue reading

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Those Pop-tarts will kill you…

“Trash Squeezin’s flavored Pop-tarts” Continue reading

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167,352 calories…

Soo…a little unfinished business from the Inzane run to Bellaire, Michigan… Remember THIS entry about Toonies restaurant in Bellaire? John Hanson, the owner (and certified genius or authentic wacko) had named a sandwich after me…the “Daniel Meyer/Angry Mountain”, after I … Continue reading

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Certified genius? Authentic wacko?

The actual quote is, “The architect is either a certified genius or an authentic wacko.” …that’s from Dan Aykroyd’s character in the 1984 movie Ghostbusters, but readily applies here (in a tongue-in-cheek-way). Y’all might recall last summer when I blogged … Continue reading

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Stew…lot’s of it.

Sooo…Saturday, September 11… Stew cookoff at the fairgrounds in Clarksville…$4 gets you a bowl (fund raising to pay for the Red River county fair), and then you get to wander around to all the different booths and sample as many … Continue reading

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Meet “The Angry Mountain”

This…is the Angry Mountain… So…a grilled cheese sandwich (a GOOD grilled cheese sandwich), topped with a 1/2 pound hamburger, topped by onion straw fries, lettuce, and tomato, topped off by ANOTHER good grilled cheese sandwich. The Angry Mountain put up … Continue reading

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Artfest Fun

The 2010 Clarksville Fine Arts Festival was a blast! Lots of food, great music, and pretty good weather made for a fun day. Lots of high-caliber artists with quality wares made for a “target-rich” environment for the discerning collecter. I … Continue reading

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Valks in Clarksville

A good bunch of the Texas VRCC riders braved heavy, gusting winds and cooler morning temperatures and dropped by Clarksville Sunday. The trip was to eat some fine Italian food and scope out the Old Vic. About 16 riders from … Continue reading

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