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Damn rabid weasels…

Hang with me…there’s weasels… So I had to vote today…last day of early voting here in Texas and I’m working the election Tuesday…and as I walked in…I was still undecided on the presidential candidates. Every last one of them has … Continue reading

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I watched a man suffer yesterday…a working man, fallen ill. A strong man that needs to work, reduced to a shivering, coughing, weak-kneed mass. …and I felt his pain. Imagine you are lying in bed…and I’m kneeling hard on your … Continue reading

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Well…that’s good to know…

The government announced yesterday that the great recession (yes, they actually called it that) is over. Announcing it, actually might be a fairly good tactic…since it was election time posturing and “gloom and doom” that started the thing in the … Continue reading

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Conservation. Yeah. That’s it. Sure.

So…we have “choice” in our electric plans here in Texas…what that means is they’ve introduced a whole bunch of useless people (called middlemen) to mark up and sell me power, even though they don’t generate it or operate the equipment/lines … Continue reading

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Beware…Yet another scam…

We used to order flea stuff, and as a result were signed up for “Complete Savings”…an outfit that charges you $12/mo to send you an email with coupon codes. We never gave that outfit our credit card number, they … Continue reading

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Y’all might have noticed the new theme on the blog…I’ll customize it a bit more later…had problems with the old blog install/theme. It apparently got compromised several versions of wordpress ago…but wasn’t hacked at that time. Then, last week, I … Continue reading

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Been Grumpy Lately…

Been a bit grumpy lately…work things…wrecked car things…insurance company hassles. Businesses just don’t seem to care, ya know? They’re generally nice and cheery, and almost gleefully apologize even whilst doing nothing to correct their problem or error… And then they … Continue reading

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Why Concealed Carry Isn’t *Always* a Good Thing

So today…stumbling into the house after a long day at work and a longer commute, I slumped into the couch and turned on the TV. Some overly perky 40ish vaguely girlish man was standing next to a 10 foot picture … Continue reading

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No…they wouldn’t start *there*.

I was flipping channels last night…came across the movie Independence Day right about the time the aliens were blowing up Washington DC. It occurred to me destroying DC was a fatal flaw in their operation. You want to take over … Continue reading

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No Objective Reality?

A little snippet of news from the news biz… Editor Matthew Cardinale says Springston was asked to leave APN last week “because he held on to the notion that there was an objective reality that could be reported objectively, despite … Continue reading

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