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The Great Wall

Took my lover to the movies Monday evening…”The Great Wall” was on the agenda… We had reservations about this one…it looked good in the previews but its run in the smaller theaters we usually frequent was disturbingly short…and other than … Continue reading

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Valentines Day…ur…romantic getaway?

Sooo…we were pondering Valentines Day plans… A movie/meal? We like movies. We have a couple dinner theaters hereabouts…sounds like a plan… But what movie? Me: “Well, Drafthouse has this ‘Titanic’ thing…showing the 1997 movie and serving a ‘themed’ multi course … Continue reading

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The Life I’m Given: Book Review

Book Review: The Life I’m Given : The Life You Choose by Guy B Wheatley Just released, Guy B Wheatley’s third offering in the Given series follows “Emily”…a modified/enhanced human female awakened with no memories, in the clutches of a … Continue reading

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Triple X…the Return Of Xander Cage (movie review).

“Attending your own funeral is some really surreal sh!t…” I took that cute little gal I’ve been known to hang around with to the movies this week. We were checking out the offerings and deciding on what to see when … Continue reading

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Passengers (movie) Review…

Took my woman out to the movies last night. Passengers, starring a sizzling Jennifer Lawrence and…the wife insists…an equally sizzling Chris Pratt, was on the agenda. Caution…spoilers ahead…it’s not possible to discuss this movie without them…but I’ll stay shallow and … Continue reading

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Movie Review — Collateral Beauty

Took my lover to the movies Friday evening…”Collateral Beauty” was on the agenda. Minor possible spoilers ahead… We were hesitant to spend an evening out on this one…movies have gotten expensive and Will Smith has gotten…well…let’s just say a lot … Continue reading

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Took the wife out to the movies last night. Went for the scify. “Gravity” is an outstanding, riveting, truly entertaining and very well done film. I’ve heard grumblings rumbling about the internet about some of the physics of it…but seriously, … Continue reading

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Well…that’s good to know…

The government announced yesterday that the great recession (yes, they actually called it that) is over. Announcing it, actually might be a fairly good tactic…since it was election time posturing and “gloom and doom” that started the thing in the … Continue reading

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Delta 191. 25 years.

Twenty-five years ago today, Delta 191 encountered wind-shear from one of our famous thunderstorms and was shoved out of the sky on routine approach to the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. One-hundred-thirty-five people, including one on the ground, lost their lives. It … Continue reading

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Panhandle Biker…

Check out Panhandle Biker…they are running one of my stories in their current edition. Check ’em out. Give ’em some traffic. Buy 3.2 million dollars worth of Life Is a Road books! (worth a try, yes?) CUAgain, Daniel Meyer

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