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On setbacks and insecurities…

1/9/2018: What’s a rider that can’t ride? Continue reading

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Love. Hate. Compassion. Charity.

“Please, just five bucks. I’m hungry. And cold.” She had the look…tattered clothing. Barely adequate coat. Thin. I noted these things automatically, but didn’t act on them. I don’t judge anymore, one way or the other. I can’t. This is … Continue reading

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We belong…

Men and women belong together. It’s a simple truth…and far more complex than an evolutionary biological imperative. We’ve created a society where we can succeed apart…and this is a good thing…but we teach…we taunt, and we want to believe we … Continue reading

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Bring it…

Lying here in the deep night, pondering the future. And not the far future…no…for deeply disturbing reasons best left unexplored in these hours, those days seem past…rather, I’m looking much nearer. Tomorrow as a point of fact. Oh there’s nothing … Continue reading

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“Damn it!” I woke gasping and soaked in sweat. “Ahhh fu@k…” I don’t “nightmare” much…or…if I do they normally don’t bother me. The best my subconscious mind can come up with usually pales in comparison to the things I’ve dealt … Continue reading

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Which today?

The most powerful things…and every day…the same question: Creation? Destruction? A little of both? CUAgain, Daniel Meyer

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Simple tasks…physically. But a very difficult day…and yet I know others have it worse…and it feels selfish to acknowledge the pain…it feels like indulgence to allow myself to see the hole that is left behind…even for a moment. It’s a … Continue reading

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It’s a balmy, if a bit chilly night…and I’m finally wrapping up work. Sort of. That’s the problem with being self-motivated and salaried in an industry that never stops. There’s always something. I’m in a bleak mood. The loss of … Continue reading

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We’ll get up and do it again…

“Are you there? Say a prayer for the Pretender. Who started out so young and strong Only to surrender.” Doing taxes today…and finding moments of doubt. Why strive? Why reach? Why work so hard? Today, the answers are elusive.

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The big bike grumbled beneath me. “Hey boss?” She sounded forlorn. “Yeah babe.” “We’re gonna be together forever, right?” *** Running into the night. Reveling in the wind. Hoping to clear my mind. Problems I can’t solve. Plans I need … Continue reading

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