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Musings about my career…or lack of

Launch Me!

This thing has been hanging around on the roof of the parking garage at work since we used to land helicopters there (talk about a *commute*!). Every time I end up parking up here I am seized with the (only … Continue reading

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All the essentials…

I carry a medium sized black duffel bag to work on my commute. It holds my laptop, lunch, clear riding glasses (it will be dark when I get off work), and other stuff. A duffel because they are cheap and … Continue reading

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Do you *like* what you do?

My Dad loved his work. I always thought that was normal. The world is big enough…and diverse enough…that I believe a man can work at practically anything he loves and make a decent living at it. The key is passion. … Continue reading

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21 Hours.

This week we had a system failure. Lots of things contributed to that failure (and impeeded our recovery from it)…the elimination of redundant systems, a shortage of personnel, the “brain drain” that’s been going on here for years, and more…but … Continue reading

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Work-a-day World.

Working this weekend…for the job…not writing, riding (other than the commute), the house etc…just working. The only point in my being here is…that I get paid to be here. Is that supposed to be enough? Mundanity. New term. Describes today … Continue reading

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Juror # 5.

I expect to be out of touch a bit. I’m juror # 5. Can’t talk about it whilst it’s going on…perhaps later. Y’all have a good week! CUAgain, Daniel Meyer

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Economic puzzles…

Cash reserves help in times of reduced or no income. But inflation eats cash reserves, returning nothing. As prices rise the money can buy less. Any interest earned only offsets a small fraction of the loss of buying power. Have … Continue reading

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Ton of bricks > me. Caught the avian swine bubonic ebola zombie plague virus…or something like that. Monday…one nostril decided it was allergic to something…little stuffy…just one nostril…no big deal. Tuesday felt better. Wednesday, I was so sick and unsteady … Continue reading

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Survived this round.

Belo Tech layed off a bunch of folks Friday…that’s the division I work for in AH Belo Corp (parent company of The Dallas Morning News). I support newpaper publishing operations for three major papers. Out of my immediate group they … Continue reading

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Business Bailout?

Y’all have been reading about bailouts…yep? Those of us that know about robbing Peter, the other shoe, or have even a cursory understanding of economics all know that the business leaders will profit, and the working man will pay the … Continue reading

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