As a young man, growing up in an “economically challenged” (means “poor”) environment, hard work was often my only currency. Construction/electrical and farm-field work…as well as many, many night hours taking whatever job I could get, traded a bunch of my health (and more than a little of my soul) to make my way and eventually progress in this world.

A young, healthy, hard-working man can sustain a work output burning 900-1100 calories an hour most of the day. I did so…for months at a time. Thirty-six hour shifts were not uncommon…

Made of nothing but muscle and blood, I learned to eat cheap, calorie-rich, easy to make/carry foods. My work required consumption of better than 8000 calories a day just to maintain my weight and be capable of doing the hard work necessary to survive.

Then, as many hard working people do…I “progressed”…putting myself through college and eventually landing what was mostly a desk job.

Those eating habits don’t just magically vanish…but I still worked hard…just a different sort. THINGS had to be done…stress. Study. Put in massive hours…and try as I might…those things never seemed to include worrying about myself.

Wasn’t a habit, ya see. Essentially, everything but me was on the list of things to do or worry about…but my own well-being never was. I simply went to sleep.

It’s the only thing in my life I’ve ever truly failed at…utterly and completely.

One day I woke up and decided I had to do something. It is…bar none…the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

That story is here (newest posts at the top).

Those Moments…

It starts as *that trip*…that most of us middle aged males are intimately familiar with…taken just after waking deep in the night to that somehow surprising but rather fundamental realization that there is only so long a man can go … Continue reading


Me, in the foreground…teaching a seminar at this year’s “Inzane” (the Valkyrie Riders’ Rally). -60. I do not recognize myself in this picture…. Picture courtesy of my friend Serk…whom I blatantly stole it from. 🙂

I wasn’t up to it…but…yanno…the plane!

So…a tough week. Way too much work. Way too many night calls. Not near enough sleep. Lots of worries. Add 5 days a week in the gym (WAY too early in the morning), two of ’em with a trainer…and then … Continue reading

Inch by inch…

An inch at a time… That’s 22 of ’em for those keeping count… And since I like nice, round, numbers? -40. That’s -140 from my peak… …and that’s despite the faceplant into the brisket I did at the Red River … Continue reading


I’m not quite 12 weeks into an intense weight/exercise training regimen…and significantly modified diet. 36 pounds gone. Significant increase in endurance and muscle tone. I don’t have any jeans that are small enough to fit properly (I reckon I need … Continue reading

The Secret

In late 2013, getting dressed for work one morning, I realized that I couldn’t button…a SIXTY inch-waist pair of jeans. SIXTY inches. Think about that (’cause I don’t want to). For some reason it was a surprise. It was also … Continue reading


I have attended…on too many occasions…the “School of Hard Knocks”. Now…the “School of Hard Knocks” can be a pretty efficient (pronounced “ruthless”) teacher…but I am apparently a somewhat dense student in this regard (pronounced “stubborn”). I ride for my sanity…I … Continue reading

Losing it…

I am of a breed that works tirelessly to support my family and friends…protects the same…and does my best to solve problems for them and others. This intense drive is part instinctual/sex. Yes kiddies, there actually is a difference between … Continue reading


I posted this picture a year ago. On the left…60″ jeans. (!) On the right…42″ jeans (and a shirt that’s three sizes too big). I’m only 18 pounds down from that (right picture) today. At least I haven’t gained any…and … Continue reading

A little project (me)

I’ve been busy of late…work pressures, misbehaving vehicles, home and business repairs… And a little project… Mainly…ME. I’m the project. I’ve been battling weight all my life. I’ve more recently figured out that the main reason is I pay very … Continue reading

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