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1959 Philip Rhodes Virginia Reel Motorsailer Project for Sale

Philip Rhodes Project

This is an ocean-going motorsailor and would make a great around-the-world cruiser if rebuilt as a motorsailor, or it could be a great trawler conversion. The Philip Rhodes "Virginia Reel" was renowned for it's seakeeping ability and ruggedness.

Planning on building an ocean-going sailboat or trawler? Or perhaps buying an older one and re-fitting her? Here's your chance.

Length: LOA-44 feet LWL-40 feet
Beam: 13'1'
Draft: 4'6"
Location: Near McKinney, Texas
Engines: Two Mercedes OM-312 Diesel engines
Title: Clear--US Documented Vessel
Construction: Steel
Price: $8000
Terms: This is a project. As is, where is. Cash sale. There is no warranty, express or implied on any aspect of this vessel. I have represented condition to the best of my knowledge and ability, but there is no warranty. I will be available to show the boat/engines at any reasonable request.
Contact: Daniel Meyer

Included: Hull, engines, transmissions, gears, props, shafts. Two extra props. 3 anchors (various sizes), teak decking, mast, roller boom, anchor windlass, several sailing winches, misc parts.

Okay, it's killing me to do this...I love this boat and dreams die hard. Career obligations and changing family and finiancial situations have forced me to "change directions". We purchased this project with the intent of rebuilding her, and then retiring to sail around the world. At the time, we had sufficient time and resources to handle the project. I worked an odd production shift that left me with plentiful time to tinker. That all changed shortly after we began the project. Additionally, my career is not stable anymore, and I no longer have the resources to tackle this project. It appears that I won't for at least a few more years. I had hoped to have her completed by now, and really haven't gotten good and started. The time I can leave her at her current location will not permit me to wait a couple years and start on her again.

It's time for me to sell.


  • Hull-Steel hull. Completely stripped. Needs re-plating on the bow, stern, and immediately adjecent to the keel for the length of the vessel as well as other localized repairs required. Needs deck plating, house, and pilot station.
  • Engines-Included are the twin, Mercedes OM-312 engines. One was a running take-out, the other was rebuilt by the previous owner. Both Bosche injector pumps need overhauled, one is disassembled. New injectors are included. I belive they are servicable and we intended to use them in our rebuild, but I have never run these engines. They are on carts/wheels, in my garage, very clean and well protected from the elements. They can be rolled onto a low trailer easily. The carts are included. Transmissions and re-direct gears are included. One transmission bell housing is cracked. There is one stainless exhaust mainfold, and one new steel exhaust manifold.
  • Mast/Boom-The mast, boom, and what rigging I have are included. The mast and boom are wood and I do not know how servicable they are. I was going to replace with an aluminum mast and new rigging, but with the right skills they may be salvagable. Several working winches are included.
  • Anchors-There are three ancors included. All plow type, a large, medium, and small.
  • Teak-The teak deck removed from the vessel is included. Note, there is not enough to replace the deck. Our intention was to complete the deck in steel with a commercial deck finish and use the old deck teak to finish out the interior.

The boat is located near McKinney, Texas and will need to be removed by truck. It is jacked up and propped. I'll throw in the boat stands. There is a ribbed structure with a tarp over the boat that is not included and I intend to leave in place, so a self loading hauler is preferred. If a crane is necessary, we can remove the tarp and the crane operator will need to run his cables between the ribs. There is ample room to work around the boat under the cover and back a trailer underneath it. (see the pic). The hauler will have to come through a field and use it to turn around in before loading the truck, so the boat will have to be moved while the weather is favorable.

Virginia Reel Under Sail
A scan from Chapmans. The 44' Virginia Reel under sail.

Philip Rhodes Project
This is at the boatyard when we purchased her. The pilot house has been removed/disgarded. It was completely unserviceable. The "cage" over the boat I later adapted to cover it after we moved it here. There is much more room at the sides and a truck can be gotten in to pick it up.

Philip Rhodes Project
As it arrived at our site

Philip Rhodes Project
On our build site

Philip Rhodes Project
Looking over the field from what's left of the pilot house.

Philip Rhodes Hull Project
This was when it was pulled from the water by the previous owner

Philip Rhodes Project
After removal of the pilot house and doghouse.

Philip Rhodes Project
Clearing the deck

Philip Rhodes Project
After the deck was cleared.

Philip Rhodes Hull Projects
The boat, as it stands today under the cover. Plenty of room to get a truck in.

Philip Rhodes Hull
Wide shot of the cleared deck

Philip Rhodes Project
Hull-Front Quarter

Philip Rhodes Hull
The Rear quarter

Philip Rhodes Hull
The Rudder

Philip Rhodes Hull for sale

Philip Rhodes Hull for sale

Philip Rhodes Project
The engines. Twin Mercedes OM-312's

Philip Rhodes Project
The Engines

Philip Rhodes Hull Project
The engines

Philip Rhodes Project
The engines

Philip Rhodes Hull
The Interior, looking forward

Philip Rhodes Hull
The Interior, looking aft and showing the tankage.That's the bulkhead to the engine room

Philip Rhodes Hull
The lower hull

Philip Rhodes Hull
We cut the top edge of rusted steel away and replaced it with steel pipe.

Philip Rhodes Hull
The edge cut

Philip Rhodes Hull
Aligning the pipe and tack welding

Philip Rhodes
The port rail/joint in place.

Philip Rhodes Hull
The port rail, ready to clear and replace the old deck.

Philip Rhodes Hull for sale
The starboard rail

A pdf file of her lines is here (pdf file, opens in new window).

Daniel Meyer

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