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Life Is a Road, the Soul Is a Motorcycle

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Storm Rider

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The Soul Is a Motorcycle Get On It and Ride! Ride It Hard About the Ride Volume One Special Edition Stormrider

The Hunt

The smoke concealed us until the last moment. It concealed them too, but we had an advantage…we were coming from behind. Slowly they appeared in our sights. The Dragon grumbled beneath me…the big machine was ready to hunt. I was too, and my pulse quickened. Our prey had been scarce as of late. The massive forest fires were driving them off.

"Easy babe…" I mumbled to the big machine, "I see 'em too."

I held her back. I knew just what she wanted--the same thing she always wants--to scream and leap…a violent slaughter…not always the wisest course. The smoke had been our friend, concealing us thus far, but it could work against us also. We had enemies out here too that could be hiding ahead.

I could feel the heat of her between my thighs…the powerful heartbeat of the beast I was astride…all reminding me of the incredible forces at my command…of the energy I could instantly unleash…of the precision control at my fingertips. We work well together…The Dragon and I…

There was a large group of them. The largest we had seen in days. It was good that the smoke concealed us…when they spot us too soon, they tend to bunch up, making picking them off individually more problematic. We could take them all at once if needed…but I wanted it to be my choice.

I squinted into the limited visibility. The gravel could be a problem too. I barely moved my right hand, telling the big machine she could start to close in. She growled in anticipation and instantly responded.

"Steady babe…this is a big group…" The approach had to be just right. If we panicked them it could get ugly.

The trailing one had spotted us. With a snort it began to close with its fellows, perhaps seeking safety in numbers. "Too late!" I yelled and laughed out loud. By the time it spotted us, it was already too late…much, much too late.

"NOW!" I twisted my right hand, unleashing the beast to do what she was created for…what she lives for. The Dragon screamed, leaping ahead with a surge of raw power that plastered a grin on my face. At the same time I leaned and with slight pressure from my hands and knees guided her on the line of attack that I wanted. We had to be careful of the gravel, and I still was not sure about possible unseen enemies of ours lurking ahead.

We picked off the rear one instantly, its fellows never comprehending what had happened. Then the next one fell. The third one began to panic…to wobble from side to side as it watched our approach, and that could cause a problem. It was BIG, and the gravel cut into our path there.

There were two approaches possible here…one was to cut in behind the big one and nip at its heels until it tired, and then pick it off…this was the safest approach. Another was to just scream and leap, chancing the gravel and taking this behemoth right now. If it fell, the rest of its fellows would fall immediately. I could already see they stood no chance. I fancy that they knew it too.

We screamed and leapt. Not the wisest course. I don't always take the wisest course.

The third fell, then the fourth. We were taking the fifth when our enemy pounced. He appeared from over a rise ahead, and he was a big one. I snarled and let The Dragon unleash all she had. She screamed in ecstasy and surged forward, scattering gravel behind. This was going to be close.

The fifth fell. Then the sixth. Only the last remained. The oncoming enemy charged, but he was too late too. We took the seventh in a matter of a second or so and I guided The Dragon sharply back onto our path. Our enemy missed and zoomed by, roaring in frustration.

I howled. Seven! All at once and in seconds! Not just a battle, but a slaughter! Laughing in the wind of our passage I slowly eased the big machine back to her earlier pace. She grumbled beneath me again.

I laughed, "Easy girl. That's enough for now. There will always be more. We've got plenty of time…plenty of time."

On and on we continued…the machine and the man. Sated for the moment, we looked ahead to our path, contented. We work well together, The Dragon and I.

Motor-homes are so much fun to hunt. Especially on these roads. Maybe one of these times I'll actually have to downshift…

Heh heh…I'll see you on the road…

Daniel Meyer

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The Soul Is a Motorcycle Get On It and Ride! Ride It Hard About the Ride Volume One Special Edition Stormrider

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