Home Run

Well, when the smoke cleared I headed for home after-all. I’ve got books to ship Monday, and I was really missing the wife. Besides, sometimes some high-speed blasting down the interstate is just the thing to clear the cobwebs from the engine and cleanse the doubts from the soul.

Three big storms again…one of them rained solidly for over 150 miles. I never even put on the rain gear. Grinned, twisted the throttle, and ran!

Another wind will dry me…and the sun will make me warm…

So…1000 miles, account for the time zone…wow. 12 hours. Pretty smooth run. Little long division…carry the two…for a average speed of…ur…hmmmm. Heh. Maybe I ought not write that down.

In fact, I disavow any knowledge of any run whatsoever between Johnson City and Dallas this weekend. Any Valkyries spotted anywhere along that route were just a fluke…or perhaps a figment. Especially high-speed black ones.

Gawd that Valkyrie rocks!

Daniel Meyer

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