Art Geekiness–Part the quad…

Lookee what I got for Christmas!


Picture swiped from Blick art supplies site. I had to rush to work today and didn’t get around to taking pictures.

That’s an airbrush…the complete everything…and NOT a beginner’s gun.

The gun is an Iwata Eclipse series gun…a very versitle double-action, professional airbrush. It will shoot anything from food-color to heavy acrylics. I can do anything from enhancing my watercolor paintings to custom graphics on motorcycles (provided I have the skill, of course!)

This is just too cool. Easily my favorite gift of the year.

Why my favorite? Is it because it’s expensive? No, that’s not it at all. Expensive I can handle…I could buy it on my own.

Why then? It’s simply this…the people that love me got me something that has no other purpose than to help me create

I love to write, I love art, I love music. I love riding, experiencing new things, and I love to create things…whether it’s art, books, buildings or whatever…

Of all the things in my life that I’ve accomplished…publishing my books is what I’m most proud of. I’m also excited about my dabblings in the visual arts…painting and drawing…

Examples of my artwork are here btw.

These are not things that pay my way. They are not things that are something someone with my defined role…my place in this world…would normally do. Society expects me to shut up and work at a corporate job until I drop dead. Expects may not be the right word…demands may be more appropriate. Step outside that role, and the pressures are immediate and not at all subtle to get right back inside…even, sadly, from friends and family at times. Lives of quiet desperation has somehow…become the required norm. That death of passion…when you finally abandon all your dreams…is when you’ve really “grown up.”

And yet, in experiencing and creating lies my passion. The people in my life got me something that enables that. This tool is for creating…that’s it’s only function. They went out of their way to get it for me. They got one that is not a cheap throw-away or short-timer, but rather a professional unit that will continue to serve even as my skill grows.

That’s affirmation…it says they understand…and it’s okay if I step outside my role, if even for a moment.

I can’t begin to explain how much that means…

Daniel Meyer

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